Senior Analyst

Fan is a Senior Analyst with the Rainier Group, focused on researching and developing materials related to industry trends and macroeconomic dynamics impacting clients. By understanding economic and market trends, Fan provides critical analytical and due diligence support in merger and acquisition transitions. Fan also creates company valuations based on comparative and discounted cash flow analysis. After understanding a comprehensive landscape of the industry, she will present the teams’ finding through client presentations and marketing materials.


Prior to joining Rainier Group, Fan accumulated 8+ years of experience in the private equity space. She worked for a private equity firm in China as a buy-side researcher and investment manager. She primarily focused on industry and company research, financial analysis, modeling, and performing due diligence. Fan’s experience spans across the manufacturing, real estate, and consumer products industries.


Education and Credentials:  Fan graduated from Lancaster University in England with a Master of Science in Finance.


Fan thoroughly enjoys her time outdoors. One of the most treasured things she owns is her garden. She had poured time and effort to transfer the garden into a place where she can find peacefulness and enjoy the fragrance of flowers. When she’s not in her garden, Fan enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking!


Fan also believes people should have endless curiosity, and always keep an open mind by listening and learning.